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Frequently Asked Questions

Pleas​e read this page before submitting a tattoo request. Most commonly asked questions will be answered here. 


Consultations / Appointments 

  • Consultations are at no charge.

  • If your request fits my scope of work, I will reach out with information to schedule an appointment. Please always check your spam and junk folders for my reply.

  • If I need a layout and size tracing, and you live in Austin, I will set you up with an in-person consultation.

  • If you’re coming from out of town, we will conduct this through email and photos and a phone call, if required.

  • Appointments will be scheduled the day of your consultation and will require a non-refundable deposit

  • Deposits are cash or Square invoice only paid with debit/credit card.


Rate / Deposit 

  • My rate is $200/hr

  • Preferred payments are Cash or Zelle 

  • A  $100 deposit is required to secure your spot in my calendar. All deposits are non-refundable and due at the time of scheduling.

  • Deposits go towards your tattoo and are deducted from your tattoo session. 


Canceling / Rescheduling 

  • If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, you will need to restart the booking process all over. I typically stay booked out 2-3 months, and longer for Saturdays, so you will get the soonest spot that is currently available.

  • Deposits are only good for the date that you book for and are non-transferrable. ​​

  • *Your appointment is like a concert ticket. Your deposit is good for that day and time only. You can not transfer it to another person or use it at a later time.

  • **Saturday appointments are extremely limited due to high demand. Please DO NOT request one if you are not 100% committed to spending your entire Saturday getting tattooed. 

  • ALL deposits are non-refundable.


Late / No Show

  • Please try to arrive on time to your appointment. In the case that you will be late, you are allowed a 30 minute grace period. Anything after that will result in a reschedule of your appointment with a new deposit required and starting the whole scheduling process again.

  • No call/no show will automatically result in a forfeit of your deposit.       


Tattoo design / Changes 

  • I do not charge for my drawing time on what I can put on paper ahead of time. However, some tattoos require sharpie marker modification and drawn on background to fit the body part correctly which is part of the hourly rate.

  • I recommend that potential clients review my tattoos before submitting a request form. I do my best to take on projects for any type of illustrative tattoos, however I will respectfully decline projects that may not be best suited for me.

  • I do not work on other tattooers unfinished work or do cover ups.  

  • All designs will be shown to you the day of your appointment. I will keep all your requests and references in mind when designing your tattoo, but find that I work best with some creative freedom. I will not stray away from your idea, but use it as inspiration to create something original for you. Please know that I’m very honored that you have chosen me for your tattoo, and I work a certain way to make sure that you leave with the best work that I can do. 

  • I choose which projects to do based off of the tattoo request you submit, finalizing the details during the consultation. If you decide to make major changes to the design, including placement and size, that may result in cancellation of your appointment, as well as forfeit of your deposit. Any small design change requests that can be accomplished without compromising your tattoo design shall be discussed prior to your appointment.



  • There are many factors that affect the time I spend on each tattoo: like placement on the body, amount of detail, and size. It’s safe to say that a majority of my larger session tattoos take about 6 hours 

  • Bigger projects like sleeves, backs, etc. will vary in time depending on design, detail, and overall anatomy of the client. These are multiple session projects and once we figure out the variables and details, I would have a better idea of how long the project is going to take.


Appointment Day​

  • Get a full night's rest

  • Stay hydrated

  • Eat a meal before appointment 

  • Bring snacks 

  • Headphones and iPad are allowed during your session

  • Wear appropriate clothing/comfortable clothes

  • If it agrees with you, Ibuprofen is safe to take, avoid aspirin. 

  • Please do not use a numbing cream prior, it makes the skin spongy, swollen and adversely affects the quality of the pigment saturation. 



  • Cash or Zelle

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